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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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service to up to 2,000 homes. that break happened at 11:00 this morning and it flooded homes and a school in visitation valley. we begin with monty frances, any word up what caused the break at this point? >> the pipes broke within the last six months, so officials think that the pipe along with the fact -- 14 homes are still without water and the public utilities commission says it plans to have the pipe fixed and the water back on for them by tomorrow morning. >> reporter: a 30 by 40-foot hole is made in the rom. neighbors say they heard a loud noise, followed by rushing water. >> i thought i heard a boom, i thought it was an earthquake.
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and then i got up to turn the water on, there was no water. >>er the san francisco public utilities commission says there was a water main that burst causing tens of thousands of gallons of water down to bay shore boulevard flooding several homes and a few businesses. >> we had a lot of construction in the city which can disturb some of the pipes so it's a combination of age, obviously there was no earthquake involved. >> the water also flooded our lady of the visitation school and the children were evacuated to another nearby school where their parents picked them up. a counselor at the school shared this cell phone video with us which shows just how fast the water rushed past cars and into the school. at the peak, more than 2,000 homes were without water service. >> residents in the area are going to be experiencing low or no water pressure. and crews are working on it right now.
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>> reporter: crews capped the pipe just at 1:00 p.m. officials say the water was not sewage, but from the reservoir near yosemite where san francisco gets its water. and within the last hour, officials gave us an update and said it was a 42-inch main that burst and then caused a 12-inch main to also break. drivers are being asked to avoid this area, also the number nine bus has been rerouted around all of the work that's being done. i would like to head it over to my colleague jean alley and how the neighborhood is coping with this. >> crews here are preparing for a long night. there are still 14 customers here without water or power. neighbors are in for a night of noise. the san francisco puc has
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managed to reduce the impact of this water main break. when the pipes broke, water poured into the streets, homes and a school carrying lots of dirt with it, cleanup of that mud will take time. crews had dug down and reached the broken pipes, now they're trying to figure out how to restore those pipes. his wife has a kbreeken knee, he did get inside his home to get some belongings, he's not expecting to return tonight. >> if i can make it to work tonight, my medicine, my wife's medicine. i don't noknow what to do after this. >> the red cross will be helping folks who don't know where to go and what to do. you can see the payment just broke apart and collapsed creating a big hole. the puc says this fix is
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complicated by gas lines and phone lines buried in the street. some of the people that were evacuated said they plan to make long-term plans to stay somewhere else until this is all repaired. >> jean, thank you. a man, impersonating a police officer, pulled over a woman and sexual assaulted here. pleasanton police actively now on this case. here's the newly released police sketch. they say a woman was driving when she heard what sounded like a siren be450i7d her. if you recognize this man, you're urged to call pleasanton police immediately. investigatorings also want to remind you that if you ever have a suspicion near a traffic stop, you can call the department to verify the identity.
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warned to be vij negligent symptoms. there are now a total of four cases in the last two weeks. yosemite is now reaching out to visitors who say that the cabins are getting information about the virus. a lot of people are concerned that more visitors may be getting sick. elise, let's talk about a little bit about the rift and how you contract this. >> the virus is usually contracted in rodents, and rarely contracted in people. the total number of people infected in california is four. >> infectious disease specialist jonathan plum is talking about the haunta virus, a disease that has killed two campers in a
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cabin village in yosemite park. >> at least two others have gotten sick and 1,700 may now have beenics exposed. >> the way people get exposed is typically by being in -- identified in 1993, nearly 600 cases have been confirmed nationally. about a third of those were fatal. this year's deaths parked the first time park visitors have died from the disease in yosemi yosemite, although two ores got sick there in 2000 and 2010. >> what are the chances that you may be walking around with this disease and not know it. >> very small risk of contracting it without knowing it. >> you are most likely to be exposeded to the airborne virus in areas in california where
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deer mice live like in the sierra nevada and the high altitude locations. >> if somebody becomes sick, if they have difficulty breathing i they should seek medical care. >> for more information on the virus just go to >> thousands of people whose homes have lost value have asked the tax assessor for a revaluation. this could mien a lot of money for a lot of people, chris. >> reporter: it certainly could, it's not a rejection out right, it's just that we can't get to
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it right now, the count tax assessor has gone from getting about three to four,000 requests for adjustments every year so almost 10,000 requests because of the downsoutheturn in the ec. >> patricia cane's house -- the assessor proactively reduced the value on 160,000 homes in the county, about one in four residential properties. >> it brings it a little more in line with who is selling in our neighborhood. >> this resident says her home was assessed $30,000 over what she paid for it at the peak of the market in 2006. saying we simply did not have the resourszs to review before the taxes are duchlt. >> we're used to getting 3,000
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to 4,000 assessment appeals, we got 12,000 in 2009, 10,000 in 2010, and another 10,000 in 2011. >> in the fall of '09, they were still working on '08's cases. the county will refund the difference, by law the county has two years to grant or deny the reduction, though the assessor says they always try to respond sooner, something that is more difficult as more people seek relief. >> when you have the kind of economic decline that we have seen, the workload becomes somewhat overwhelming. >> now it's interesting to note that santa clara county is only one of about 10 counties in the whole state of california that does things the way that it does, that it sends out a
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preliminary notice to taxpayers so they can appeal. >> category 1 and getting stronger. hurricane isaac hit louisiana just a short while ago. some areas in its potential path are already eligible for federal aid. today the president declared mississippi an emergency area. yesterday he did the same for alabama. right now the storm is headed for new orleans. >> at this strength, from 85 to 100-mile-per-hour winds with 125-mile-per-hour of gusts is plenty big enough to put a big hurt on you. if you fall into complacencies. >> the hurricane has raised concerns over flooding, the floodgates have been shut down, the new restored levees are ready for their first major test. for more on where the storm is right now and it's expected continued path, we want to check
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in with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri re. >> the mississippi has seen water rise anywhere from four to six week, again testing those scandal walls surrounding new orleans. here is the odd thing, the pressure continues to drop, right now at the strongest central pressure we have seen with this storm, 968 millibars, plenty of uplift in the center of this and that's why we have plenty of winds being recorded at 60 to 70 miles an hour. this is going to be a very slow moving system as we heard on nightly news. here's what we're going to be dealing with, by tomorrow afternoon, winds could still be ab an estimated 65 miles an hour. also the rain anywhere from 8 to 16 inches, we'll talk about our
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forecast back here at homecoming up. >> still ahead here on nbc bay area news, cherished words from a hero. the bay area boy that now has a lasting connection. >> and was she just stringing them along? we investigate next. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay.
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tonight antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own officers. it all went down on the roof of a home as people ducked for cover inside of that home. police said it started as a domestic disturb bans call. during the chase, he rammed two patrol cars before crashing and then took off on foot. he ultimately climbed on to the roof of a home, and when police
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confronted the man, police say he pointed a gun at him. two brothers inside of the home heard it all happen. >> they said put your gun down and then after that, i like dove because as soon as they say that, i seen it in movies and i know they started shooting and they started shooting. >> officers say the child was left, the child that was left of the suspect's car was safe tonight. the officers involved in the shooting on routine leave. she talked her way into couture purses taking advantage of the the same -- now the woman being called a con artist by man. >> we could feel their outrage, their disgust, really their disbelief when we talked with all of them. they say they're the victims of this woman's alleged cons.
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they tell us she's wasted their time, eroded their trust and cost them thousands of dollars and they say no one will stop her. >> cold hearted. >> she's just a scam artist. >> sure i was mad as hell. >> it's been happening over and over again. >> i want her to pay for what she did to all of us. >> reporter: this is the story of little lady who's being accused of scamming dozens of people. >> how long has this been going on? >> 20 years maybe more. >> a couple urges. >> designer shoes. >> maybe $180 in two days. >> this woman says she was pressured in buying a 1,300 louie vuitton purse. >> you pay for it for me and i will pay you pack later. >> they say they were target from their own ads. their nightmare started when sue
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wan started a call. they say she tells them she's an investor who wants their help to sell these san francisco buildings, worth close to $3 million. they say she brings paper work listing the name su wan as the owner, and statements from su wan showing papers from the bank. they say su asked to discuss business over fancy meals and she would pretend to forget her wallet at home asking them to foot the bill, for medicines, groceries, mean shoes and purses. >> thomas winn contracted next bay area to follow him on his last appointment to su. once they got in the car, thomas says she wanted to stop at the dentist. next we followed them to a dim sum runch in china town, and after that, grocery shopping
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across town, all on his dime. he said she told him she would sign the contract the next day. >> are you saw wa? >> yes. >> there are a number of realtors that we have talked to that say you have taken advantage of them over the years. >> you no. >> what about police, can they do something to stop su wa in. >> they suggest taking her to court, and su is no stranger to small claims court, we found seven judgments against her, from former tennants who say that she refused to pay back their rent and deposits. for a realtor, it's not only the
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dollar amount, it's also the time and trust that they lost. >> it erodes your trust in other people. >> i want this to stop. >> by putting a spotlight on su wan. >> i feel we're trying to come together to put away a con artist. >> we wanted to ask ms. wan more questions, but she declined our request for an interview. anyone who thinks they may have been criminally defrauded by su wan. we posted that information on our website if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to the unit.
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>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it's all about this warming wind, primarily coming out of the north, also slightly out of the west, that again was good enough to pump our temperatures up a little bit above average. let's get a look at those current readings, we are starting to drop, also in san mateo as winds are going to run slightly onshore. let's take you out to live hd sky camera network and in the sky cam, mostly clear skies into san jose, but up into san francisco, we're noticing a little bit of cloud cover building, but we're not expecting a major fog event during the next 24 hours. we're not going to find too much fog here at the immediate coastline as we head through the next 24 hours. so for the morning hours, we'll begin with 50s here at the
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coastline, also some fog at the immediate coast. but for the bay, temperatures in the mid 70s by the noon hour, by the afternoon, upper 70s and low 80s, and for the interior valleys, looks like we'll see temperatures soar to the mid 8 09s. primarily expected across the east bay. here's a sneak peek at that three-day forecast, the numbers stay to the warm to slightly hot side inland on wednesday and thursday. then those temperatures could drop an estimated ed 10 degree. we'll have more on hurricane isaac and the exact track of that, but look at this, guys, the winds are about 40 to 80 miles an hour out here in the gulf. that will continue to head right into new orleans. >> thank you very much, jeff. a brief message from the first man to walk on the moon has now had a profound influence on a
6:22 pm
boy in san marin county. >> sometimes when i look up at the moon i wonder if my mom and dad are watching me. >> reporter: it's an essay that -- cope with the death of hiss parents. the boy says gazing at the moon from his bedroom window each night brings him comfort. >> especially when the moon is full and bright. can you see me mama? are you looking, daddy? >> that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: and max says his hero, the first man to set foot on the lunar landscape. >> my dream is to make louie armstrong the number space hero. he's 8 1 years old. i want to ask him some questions
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about the moon. his teacher sent the letter to armstrong. >> thanks for sharing the essay with me. >> tell max i send him my very best wishes and success, sincerely, neil armstrong. >> that's ah superthat he wrote back. that was his writing. >> i was so touched and so moved that this number one space hero would take time out to answer a little boy's letter and essay. >> max's new mom says armstrong's reply means the world to max and armstrong's family. >> i said, max, this is such a special treasure that you have this letter and that you were able to reach him just prior to his death. >> it's like i already met him, but in words on a piece of paper. that's like one way to meet someone, on a piece of paper.
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>> now max says when he looks at the moon, he not only feels his parents looking down on him, but he feels armstrong, too. his moon gazing as never meant so much. >> it makes me feel happy to look at it. >> in marin county, nbc bay area news. well, still ahead tonight at 6:00, facebook is looking for some new digs. >> i'm scott budman, a famous architect, thousands of new employees and a city that's ready to move. coming up, the latest on facebook's plans. and the new law that will change the way police determine if someone has been drinking and driving across california.
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who cares about the stock price? at least that's the sentiment at facebook.
6:27 pm
the company is going to grow and it has big plans for a new campus to prove it. tonight we know more about what it will be and what it will look like. >> reporter: it may not look like much now, but facebook has big plans for this place, just down the street from its current headquarters. the new build is eventually expected to look something like this. >> it's an iconic company. >> richard kline tells us that having already worked with facebook on campus number one, he feels that campus number two will be a smooth fit. >> the concerns of neighboring communities have been understood so we're much furred along. >> the first campus, facebook
6:28 pm
paid menlo park close to $15 million 20 help it get over his concerns about thousands of new employees moving in. >> this area has already been busy before. facebook says it plans to add walking paths. >> it's just a classic case of facebook. >> the global impact facebook has. in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> when we return, we're going to take you inside of that arena, as mitt romney's wife and romney prepares to take center stage at the republican national convention. >> and i'm janell wang, the cause of death a stroke but
6:29 pm
now -- and nasa releases the first photographs from the mars rover.
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it was the first full day of pomp circumstance and politics at the republican convention. now we are are about an hour away from ann romney, his wife who will take center stage. >> it hasn't always been smooth sailing today, but rivalry and disrespect toward ron paul, but ron paul is not scheduled to speak. steve handelsman is there at the comp vengeance. >> reporter: this republican national convention tonight issen entirely focused -- for
6:32 pm
delegates who desperately want the broadest popular picture of the candidate to get up, usually rely on the spouse. ann romney is an excellent public speaker. her husband suffers if you look at the abc poll, the nbc poll. the delegates here hope that she can close. so the big, big event tonight, is the want to be first lady talking about the soon to be official nominee. republicans pushed the roll call of states to day one of their convention. >> proudly casts all 50 of its votes for the next president of the united states, governor milt romney. >> romney and ann are in -- earlier today ann romney took a look at where she'll give her much anticipated speech tonight.
6:33 pm
she'll say, she and mitt, have a real, not a storybook marriage and say, as his wife, she knows mitt will not fail. rnc delegates, anxious to get going after day one got cancelled. >> reporter: how do you hope ann romney helps elect mitt romney in november? >> i think ann romney is probably the greatest spokesperson that mitt romney could have. >> reporter: in his speech tonight, rising gop superstar, new jersey governor chris christ christie -- knows how to work across the aisle and get things done, but also stand for his principals. >> i think what it will do is make people stop and evaluate where we are and the direction we're going. >> this convention will come to order. >> republicans have competition for the nation's attention.
6:34 pm
the storm in the gulf, president obama already involved in the government response. but mitt romney and paul ryan are officially nominated. blunt talking chris christie has let it be known he's going to tell these delegates and tell america that they can count on mitt romney to tell people in our country the tough truths that america, in christi's words will need to hear. ann romney says she doesn't know what's going to happen over the next three or four years, but she knows if mitt romney's president, he will not let america down. >> so among the 20,000 people inside the arena. >> mitt romney secured the presidential nomination long ago. so that means what can we expect now? let's bring in nbc political
6:35 pm
analyst larry gersten. mitt romney has been very vocal saying there's a lot more going on behind the scenes within the republican party at these republican conventions. >> we look at it on television, we see the hats, we see the blues and all that stuff. the thousands of delegates in tampa, they're the heart, they're the soul of the republican party, they're the workers, they're the true believers, they're the messengers to others, once they leave that convention, energized for the fall campaign, between now and thursday, they will be recommitted to their cause, to their con dats. in that sense the convention is more like a revival meeting. >> a halo effect, just for the 20,000 people in that arena or beyond. >> first it's mitt romney's last chance to make a good first
6:36 pm
impression. if he can connect thursday night, he will overcome the distance or the aloofness that steve handelsman has been talking about that many have seen until this point. it's a chance for the candidates to make their case to the-particularly those in the swing states who remain on the fence. you can't underestimate the value of that opportunity on national television. >> so, larry, let's talk about the california delegates, obviously california leans democratic. so what did they get out of this convention and how much impact will it have? >> fairly quick, more than most people, they understand that we have 51 elections in november, not just one that the polls always talk about. that's because the voters in each state decide which states will get their elector ral vo--
6:37 pm
the money that they -- for that reason, you can expect all the delegates, including those in california to return home ready to go for the november 6 march and let me tell you, they will be primed. >> okay, larry, thank you very much for their insight. >> was it murder? french prosecutors have opened a new investigation into the death of former palestinian leader yasser arafat. >> reporter: yasser arafat skied at a military hospital back in 2004. the cause, a stroke resulting from a blood disorder. but arafat's widow believe he was actually poisoned. there were radioactive elements in some of his clothes, a toothbrush and the turbine he wore.
6:38 pm
elsewhere in the middle east, heavy shelling from the air and on the ground in syria today, gun battles also continue in the streets between government and opposition forces and today there is word that iran is sending soldiers to syria to help the president's regime. meanwhile the number of refugees crossing the boreds has increased significantly. more than 250,000 syrians have left the country. and the shooting and beheading of 17 people at a party has come concerned that the taliban will take over again when the coalition forces leave in 2014. there were reports that taliban gunmen also participated in that slaughter. afghan's taliban leader has urged his fighters not to kill civilians but many are still faking matters into their own
6:39 pm
hands. crews found a two-ton bomb at a construction site in warsaw. the bomb had been buried there since world war ii. police quickly evacuated the area until a military bomb unit could remove it and detonate it at a safe location. 58 planes, a 22 million dollar watch collection and a 75,000 toilet. the report put out by opposition leader said the luxurious live is funded illegally. president putin has not yet responded. finally the latest pictures from out of this world. nasa released the first out of this world phototaken by the mars rover curiosity.
6:40 pm
>> curiosity very busy. >> up next, is the president against the professors t fiscal decision pitting much of the school's faculty against the leader and the fallout that's leaving students in limbo. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s in the inland valleys. we'll show you when we'll see a significant drop coming up in that forecast.
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6:42 pm
is the college football team more important than the college itself. after the state cult millions of dollars from the its budget, a lot of faculty and staff members
6:43 pm
say they're fed up with the university's -- >> cuts have been deep everywhere, but it's what the san jose president spared from those cuts that had -- $1.6 million budget. it's not much, but professors tell me they want to see cuts away from the classroom. >> charlie's searching for classes for fall semester, again. >> out of nowhere they dropped the classes. so i have no idea what i'm going to do. >> getting her bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and just as of this semester, they cut the program all together. >> reporter: the san jose state university president mohammad kaumi cut millions in programs paid for by the general fund. this year 500 class sessions
6:44 pm
have been cut. but the president spared his own department, university advancements and athletics. >> hundreds of lectures are being lost, thousands of classes are being lost, this year we're paying 5.5 million out of the general fund, the fund pays for general athletics that is going to athletics. that means you're having an athletics program instead of classes. >> some of our largest donors, the ones that are getting 10 million, $15 million. . they are coming to us through athletics so it's an important way for us to help our students grow. >> now is san jose state
6:45 pm
spokesperson says the department's fundraising operation are vital to the entire school. and the -- resulted in 25 million to support academic affairs on a $7 million budget last year. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri now. you've got the red tie, that means you're excited about the weekend's forecast. >> no, that means hurricane. >> i am sending mixed signals today. a live look right now shows plenty of blue sky, we're back with your full-time -- or comcast sports update. hello?
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and chase what matters. governor boun signed in a new law today. before drivers suspected of being under the influence could choose a urine or blood test. but now they must take a blood test. most of the contested dui cases rely on urine tests. it also makes sure that those driving under the influence are -- we have talking a lot of hurricane isaac, but our weather
6:48 pm
here has been quite nice. >> it has. you can thank those north winds if you like that heating we had. especially throughout their interior valleys. anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. that was good enough to bring some of our hottest weather back into the east bay. walnut creek south san jose. we're getting a slight onshore -- we'll take you out to the live hd sky camera network, and you can see in san francisco, a little bit of haze and some areas of patchy fog, but not a major fog event as we head throughout the next 24 hours. we'll have this area of upper level low pressure developing across pacific northwest the next 48 to 72 hours, it's not going to bring us any rainfall, but it will keep these breezy winds up near the coastline. it's going to take aile to work in, but we will have fog
6:49 pm
here with 60s and 70s at the coast. plenty of sunshine inland with 80s to 90s. here's the thing, by thursday it looks like any kind of heating we have had, it won't be able to handle it, it will break down. and we'll head into some cooling as you're headed into this weekend. if you have family here, it's all about hurricane isaac, this storm continuing lashing louisiana, mississippi and also alabama. winds anywhere from 40 to even reported 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. sustained winds generally 30 to 4 miles an hour. the remarkable things is that this storm while it has already made landfall here in placerman's county. it's not going to slow it down too much here, even into tomorrow, we're expecting to stay tropical storm status with
6:50 pm
some very heavy and also -- so any kind of travel toward the eastern seaboard the next couple of days, you're going to be impacted from this whether you're traveling from louisiana or not. back here at home, dry temperatures in the mid 80s, 85 in san jose for wednesday. we'll expect 89 in dublin, 99 in walnut creek, even a very comfortable 75 in san francisco. three-day forecast has the low 90s wednesday and thursday. by friday, major changes, temperatures drop a good 10 degrees with low 80s, we'll keep the fog for saturday and looks like sunday is the best day for your upcoming weekend. the fog has temperatures that will return to the upper 80s. a lot of people are our facebook are wondering when is this mini heat spell going to stop on this friday, saturday and sunday. >> when he takes off his red
6:51 pm
tie. >> sunshine is the yellow tie. >> of course. >> all my secrets, there they go. what kind of tie are you wearing, what does it mean? >> i'm wearing a blue tie today. it's a huge mismatch on paper, but you won't find one giant fan complain. in the first place san francisco giants opened a three-game series against the worst team in baseball t houston astros. the giants are expecting a sweep. let's get to some action. before the start of today's game the gmen welcomed back the astros. giants and astros to the top of
6:52 pm
the first. how about a hard stop to the rths. robin pence on the hit, and it's over. bottom of the inning, jason castro, with the man on pops it. take a look at this play. pablo continue make it, but check out his teammate, pablo sanchez. top of the third, now still scoreless. pablo san doe very he strikes out swinging. and the fourth man, blanco, he goes down. right now this game is tied at 1 in the bottom of the sixth innings. the dodgers may have lost their best player, center fielder matt kemp ran hard into the wall today. he had to leave the game after diving for another bar. reportedly he's being checked for a possible neck and jaw injury. we'll have an update for you later tonight. over to the green and gold,
6:53 pm
as taking on the goal for the -- second inning, runners on the corners, no outs, brandon moss didn't get amount on it, but hits a little blooper to single, to left. seth smith scores. ad ad ad adam then in the third inning, moss takes care of this, all by himself, home is the straight away center, his 14th of the year. chris carter also with a solo shot, it's now 5-0 as in the eighth inning. niners running back anthony dixon entered training camp as a long shot to earn a spot on the 25-man roster. it appears that bubble is not going to burst this season. the 24-year-old is entering his
6:54 pm
third nfl season. he has been breaking tackles this season. the niners backfield is crowded with kendall hunter, brandon jacob, to the michael james, but they might have to make room for this guy. >> i just kind of went to him as we were getting down to the walk through, you know, i got rid of them like the reps i was getting, and i was like, you know, coach, you know? i just wanted to get on the field more and he was like, okay, they kind of got excited about it and i just ran with it. i don't take it for granted. you never know what can happen. but i worked out all season for the opportunities coach gave me and for the chance. i wanted to be productive. >> best of luck to anthony dixon, man, that guy looks big, he looks just like rog.
6:55 pm
>> for a full half hour of sports coverage, watches sports coverage on comcast sports coverage at 10:30.
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the latest on the republican national convention after a day of some tense moments, some big speakers about to take the podium. we're going to talk to a top california republican. -plus the -- a proud legacy restored right here in the bay area. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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